Aaron - Session 7
VIDEO RUN TIME 21:18   |   99 Images
 A bullying hetero like Aaron is used to not listening to anyone and intimidating others to bend to his will. Well now he needs to be taught the total opposite. With his wrists and ankles lashed to a discipline bench there's nothing he can do push back at us and Dave soon stops his filthy mouth by stuffing it with a ball gag. Bent over Aaron's arse makes a prime target and we're determined to stretch his sphincter till he's as loose as a dirty back alley slut. Dave rams his fingers in there and wrenches open his hole until the boy is howling and his muscular thighs are trembling. His arse is beaten to the point where you can feel the heat radiating off from his reddened sore cheeks. Notice how Aaron is trembling not only from the strain and the agonizing pain, but from the absolute fury which raging through his body. This hetero cunt is so angry he'd tear us apart if he could, but because of the position we've put him in he must submit totally to our will.